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Suez Canal

On the 6th of August 2015, Egypt officially started the operation of the new Suez Canal expansion project, which was announced a year earlier. The opening ceremony was attended by many guests, but there was a need for an online portal where public engagement could be channeled. Thus a special website was created for the event.

The website received 250,000 visitors in 2 weeks prior to the event. Visitors would share their thoughts and emotions by writing or recording a message, or uploading their photo. A collage from the 50,000 photos uploaded was used as a backdrop in the opening ceremony, which was organized by partner agency Memac Ogilvy.

Users were able to virtually share in the opening by hitting a virtual ‘Go’ button.

The website security audit and hosting arrangement were done to ensure it would effectively handle the expected high traffic and any potential security threats.

Our moderation team was stationed on 24-hour shifts to filter down all user generated content to ensure appropriate content was posted.

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